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The Story of Hazel & Ollie



I've always been a hand made fanatic. I started my business, emmy-ray design studio in 2006 fresh out of college, creating hand made jewelry after getting home from a full time job each night. Since then I've also been a floral designer, art teacher, studio assistant for a local artist, interior designer, pretty much anything that calls for a little creativity. 


So you can bet when I found out I was pregnant in 2013 I applied all that creative energy to making fun DIY projects for my little girl Eleanor Pearl. One of these projects was a yarn pom pom mobile for her nursery. After Eleanor's newborn shoot was posted on my blog, and Pinterest I started getting requests to make moblies for other moms to be, and Hazel & Ollie became a business! In October of 2016 we also added our second addition to our family, a little boy named Sam, and in April of 2020 we welcomed our littlest girl Birdie. My kiddos are a constant source of inspiration and joy in both my everyday life as well as my business. 


Since the start of Hazel & Ollie the business has grown from just custom mobiles, to a complete collection including more decor pieces, hand made accessories, apparel pieces, as well as accessories for grown-ups. I create almost all of the pieces with my own hands, so you know when you buy from Hazel & Ollie, the product is made with care, and attention to detail. I sincerely hope that you love my designs, and that they are special to you, or the little ones in your life.


Thank you so much for your support! 


xo - Emily


photo by Rebecca Peters Photography

Where did the name Hazel & Ollie come from?


Hazel and Ollie are two of my three fur babies. Miniature dachshunds, Hazel and Ollie are two peas in a pod, troublemakers, and cuddle bugs, and the perfect mascots for this little business!